Thank You

2016-07-21 18:46:30 by Pikacheez

I already wrote on my other old account,

Anyway, I just want to say thanks for a lot of things this website has given me. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed my works, even though I didn't put out a lot as much as I did with my other account.

I won't be on this account for very long (no, I'm not deleting, rest assured :3).

TERMS OF USE: you may use my works for any non-commercial media with proper crediting (username, website). I would like to see what my works have been used for (I am curious! :D). For commercial usage (if you're using my works for making any form of money), please contact

This Post is Late

2014-07-12 15:24:17 by Pikacheez

This post is late.

Here is 10 out of ?? many songs in the 2014 collection~!

//Note: This is a sample of 10 songs, with 30 seconds of each. They will be available for full listening someday. SOMEDAY

//Edit: P.S. You can find the first 2 songs at my tumblr (at the end of this vid or at the Newgrounds links box) for full listening, free...but they aren't as well-edited as the ones displayed here o.o




2014-02-02 21:29:19 by Pikacheez

Nothing to say.

Nothing other than loads of boring stuff and audio reverses. Yeah.


2013-12-30 18:45:13 by Pikacheez

Not many people liked Versarie than the Christmas flash...I think it's the music. .-.

So I'm guessing it's more serious here than deviantArt? That's okay, I need critism...

Critism does not count reviews that only say "wtf", isn't there some kind of thing below the text boxes that talks about what to put in the review?  ._.

Anyway, the reason why I joined Newgrounds was because I thought it was simpler and less formal (in terms of revenue) than Soundcloud to submit audio. The movies I submit are only "promoting" the audio...but then it turned out to be more of an E-card..? Hmm.

I appreciate all comments expressing their enjoyment as well as honest reviews. Thank you!


2013-12-22 20:15:42 by Pikacheez

Thank you for all of those nice comments on my Pokemon Christmas Card flash! There are a lot of holidays coming up, so expect more Pokemon e-cards. c:

I would appreciate it if you be a fan of motivates me to do stuff more. c:

Or maybe you'd like to trade fan-ship? o3o


2013-07-10 08:40:45 by Pikacheez

Finally got the time to activate my account and stuff.

For more updated info, check my deviantArt.