2013-12-22 20:15:42 by Pikacheez

Thank you for all of those nice comments on my Pokemon Christmas Card flash! There are a lot of holidays coming up, so expect more Pokemon e-cards. c:

I would appreciate it if you be a fan of mine...it motivates me to do stuff more. c:

Or maybe you'd like to trade fan-ship? o3o


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2013-12-22 20:17:15

whats a pokemon?

Pikacheez responds:

Pokémon: short for "pocket monster". It's these popular animal designs that you have to go out and catch all of them in the Pokémon games. Have you heard of Pokémon X and Y from all over the internet? Well, yeah. That's a game featuring all the Pokémon you have to catch by making them battle each other. There's a lot of hardcore stuff in it as well as cute, so...it's my long definition of Pokémon. c:>

Still confused? Search it up, maybe you'll find something better than my description~


2013-12-22 20:26:07

i searched it i got dun dun dun duuuuuuuuun porn o_o why is the internet so bad?

Pikacheez responds:

Because everyone can access the internet xD


2013-12-22 20:28:28

i also found a linked anime sight called animefreak.tv it has pokemon too i might watch it! if its not porn too

Pikacheez responds:

You should visit the original Pokémon website. They have a lot of episodes there, but it's only a few from each region. ;3

Pokémon doesn't have porn, but it does have ecchi if you see some of the original episodes from Japan that aren't cut out from the American TV programs. c: